Gender Reveal Party

What will it be? A he or a she? Gender reveal parties are so much fun! What better way to get everyone excited about the little bundle of joy on the way. Gender reveal parties require careful planning to be a success. Let us help you reveal the secret by planning out all the details so you don’t have to!


A gender reveal party can be held in conjunction with a baby shower, but is more often a separate event held early on in the pregnancy. The gender of the baby is kept a secret and is revealed in a creative way at some point in the party. This is usually a co-ed party where both parents, along with family and friends, learn the sex of the baby together.

who hosts?

Gender reveal parties are most commonly hosted by the parents-to-be. Revealing the gender of your baby to your friends and family is a very personal decision. The reveal should be done in a way that will be memorable for everyone, but very special for the parents-to-be. This is a moment they will never forget, and should be planned accordingly.

are gifts expected?

Usually gifts are not expected at a gender reveal party. The party is normally held quite early in the pregnancy (gender can be determined at 16-20 weeks). Since the sex of the baby is not yet known, guests will be limited to gender neutral gifts. Usually the parents-to-be will form a gift registry once the sex of the baby is revealed. If the couple is having a baby shower, gifts can be given at that time.

Some people will inevitably bring gifts, because let’s face it, baby gifts are fun. Tiny sleepers and socks, books and bears, are all easily purchased in gender neutral themes.

the big reveal

The big moment when the baby’s sex is revealed should be unforgettable. Here are some ideas for the big reveal:

  • A cake with blue or pink filling
  • colour changing drinks
  • piñata filled with blue or pink candy or confetti
  • balloon release
  • scratch card
  • coloured smoke bomb
  • coloured silly string


We are open to hearing your creative ideas for a theme. Some of our favourite gender reveal party themes include:

  • Tutus or ties
  • Lures or Lace
  • Prince or Princess
  • Staches or Lashes
  • Twinkle Little Star

Let’s work together to create a truly magical event! Learn how we can help with our many planning options here.

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