Bridal Showers

 Bridal showers are a great way to share the love and promise that two people make when they choose to marry. With a little party planning and some fun ideas, bridal shower planning can make your party an event that won’t soon be forgotten. Let’s work together to bring your special celebration to life!

what’s it all about?

Traditionally bridal showers are a ladies-only gift-giving event meant to help prepare the bride-to-be for her life as a married woman. This still holds true today, however many people choose to modernize the traditional bridal shower. Less traditional brides may want a shower that is more in line with today’s values, and reflective of the role that the bride-to-be will have in the marriage. Party planning for a bridal shower should be fun and exciting.

who throws the bridal shower?

Traditionally the bridal shower is hosted by the maid of honour and bridesmaids. Parents of the bride or groom were typically not advised to host this party as it might seem like a “gift-grab” for their children. In modern times, however, a shower can be given by anyone who wants to celebrate the couple. Since gift-giving is expected at a bridal shower regardless of who hosts it, family is commonly involved in the planning in today’s society.

Make it co-ed

The modern co-ed version of a bridal shower is sometimes called a “Jack & Jill” shower and includes both male and female friends and family. If the to-be-weds are inseparable, this might be a great option. Sometimes throwing the opposite gender in the mix can turn a stuffy shower into a fun-filled event. There are some fantastic trending themes that work really well for co-ed celebrations. Some of our favourites are:

  • Iron Chef cookoff
  • “Stock the bar” party
  • Wine tasting

what the bride wants

Ultimately, the Bridal shower should reflect the personality of the bride. Is she traditional? A wine lover, or a co-ed kind of gal? Make sure the party will be one that she will enjoy.

let’s work together

We are open to hearing your creative ideas for a theme. Some of our favourite ladies-only bridal shower themes include:

  • Tea Party
  • Spa
  • Paris Romance
  • Lingerie Party
  • Mimosas

Let’s work together to create a truly magical event! Learn how we can help with our many planning options here.

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