Baby Showers

There is nothing more exciting than a baby on the way! Planning a baby shower that will capture the anticipation, joy, and love that a new baby represents can be a daunting task. We know you want it to be perfect, and so do we! We are full of party planning ideas that will truly WOW your guests and bring them together to celebrate in style.


Traditionally baby showers are a ladies-only gift-giving event meant to help prepare the mom-to-be for her life as a mother. Little booties, bears and onesies abound, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to planning this very important event. Pregnancy can leave not only mom-to-be, but everyone who is waiting to welcome the little addition, a bit exhausted. We can help with all the details, or just give you a helping hand where needed.

who throws the baby shower?

Almost anyone can throw a baby shower for you. And often people have more than one. Say, a co-worker shower and then a family and friends shower. Often mothers or mothers-in-law will throw the baby shower. Close friends and other family members may also throw you a shower. The only real etiquette around this is that traditionally a person does not throw their own baby shower. Generally any type of shower where gifts are expected is thrown by someone else in honour of you. The idea is that it seems like a gift grab if you are throwing your own shower. In this day and age, however, everyone knows that a baby shower involves gifts, so if you throw your own, really what’s the difference?

who to invite?

This is completely up to the parents-to-be and the host. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the baby shower guest list. You can go small and intimate, or make it a larger affair. The type of shower will often depend on your culture, traditions, and who is hosting. If you are hosting a shower for someone else, it is a good idea to include them in the planning. If the guest of honour is uncomfortable in crowds, maybe an intimate tea party with her closest friends and family would be best. If she enjoys being the centre of attention, consider expanding the guest list.

is it only for a first baby?

It used to be considered tacky to have a shower for a second baby, but not anymore. Sometimes called a “sprinkle”, a shower for baby number two, or three, or four, is now commonplace. After all, why shouldn’t everyone get together to celebrate each new life? The gifts given at a second shower tend to be more for fun, as the mom-to-be generally has all the big stuff by now. Maybe baby number two is of the opposite gender, so gender-specific gifts would be welcomed. Or maybe the second shower can be co-ed so both genders can attend. This would give the male side of the family a chance to celebrate along with mom-to-be.


Wondering whether anyone really wants to play games at a baby shower? Our advice is that if you choose to have games, make them relevant to the guests. Consider the tastes of both the mom-to-be and the majority of the guests. Also, never pressure people to join in on the games if they are reluctant. Many people find this type of activity embarrassing, and your goal is for everyone to enjoy themselves. At WOW Party Planner we have tons of ideas for many types of games and activities. Some popular trends for baby shower activities include:

  • each guest decorates a onesie for baby
  • each guest decorates a building block to create a set
  • guests contribute to a book of advice for the parents-to-be
  • guests voice well-wishes on a video keepsake
  • fingerprint tree guest book
  • build-your-own cupcake bar

Or, if the mom-to-be is traditional, you can always stick with some tried and true baby shower games like “what’s in your purse”, or “don’t say baby”.

his and hers

There are lots of ways to modernize a baby shower. One of our favourites is to make it a co-ed event. In modern times it seems like a no-brainer for dads to be included in the celebration to welcome their offspring into the world. This is a great option for those couples that like to do everything together. Or if the mom-to-be is not the outgoing type and feels more at ease in crowds with her spouse at her side. But keep in mind this will change the tone of the shower. And if you are having a co-ed shower, make sure it is clear on the invitation that both men and women are welcome. Leave no room for confusion.


We are open to hearing your creative ideas for a theme. Some of our favourite baby shower themes include:

  • Tea Party
  • Prince / Princess
  • Mermaid
  • Vintage
  • Dr. Seuss

Let’s work together to create a truly magical event! Learn how we can help with our many planning options here.

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