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set the date

When planning an anniversary party, setting the date is an important first step. it’s best to set the date to be close to the couple’s actual anniversary, but it is also important to make sure essential guests will be free to attend. Make sure that out-of-town children, or other family members can make the trip, especially for a very important anniversary. You should also consider that out-of-town guests will need time to plan accommodations, so giving them short notice might mean they can’t attend.

location, location, location!

The location of the anniversary party will largely depend on the theme and level of formality that you would like to have. Sometimes a milestone anniversary, such as a 25th or 50th, may feel like more of a formal affair. While an 8th or 9th anniversary, for example, could have a more relaxed theme and feel. For a more relaxed event, you may want to consider locations like:

  • your home
  • a friend or relative’s home
  • a casual restaurant

For a more formal feel, some possible venues are:

  • Hotel ballroom
  • Country club banquet room
  • Church hall
  • Restaurant private room

Keep in mind that any space can be made to feel special, whether it is formal or casual. Sometimes a few simple additions can make all the difference in creating a celebratory mood.

choosing the theme

The theme of an anniversary party should reflect the personality of the couple. Milestone anniversaries can be slightly more formal, and the theme can reflect this. Non-milestone anniversaries can have more casual, fun themes. One of our favourite ways to select an anniversary theme is to build it from the traditional anniversary symbols, listed here:

  • 1st ― Paper
  • 2nd ― Cotton
  • 3rd ― Leather
  • 4th ― Fruit/Flowers
  • 5th ― Wood
  • 6th ― Candy/Iron
  • 7th ― Wool, Copper
  • 8th ― Bronze, Pottery
  • 9th ― Pottery, Willow
  • 10th ―Tin, Aluminum
  • 11th ― Steel
  • 12th ― Silk, Linen
  • 13th ― Lace
  • 14th ― Ivory
  • 15th ― Crystal
  • 20th ― China
  • 25th ― Silver
  • 30th ― Pearl
  • 35th ― Coral
  • 40th ― Ruby
  • 45th ― Sapphire
  • 50th ― Gold
  • 55th ― Emerald
  • 60th ― Diamond
  • 75th ― Diamond

For example, some of the decor for a first anniversary celebration might be made from paper. We love paper lanterns, which can be both rustic and elegant. For a 15th anniversary the decor could be centred around crystal items, which work beautifully with candlelight.

We are open to hearing your creative ideas for a theme. Decor related to the anniversary symbols can be tied into almost any theme with a little creativity. Some of our favourite anniversary party themes include:

  • Cheers & Beers
  • “A Good Year” wine tasting
  • Famous Couples
  • Champagne & Glitter
  • Backyard BBQ

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