From elegant, chic events to rustic backyard barbecues and over-the-top kids parties, we have ideas that will be sure to WOW your guests.

the best party ever

We want you to have the best party ever. Maybe you saw something on Pinterest that you MUST have? Or your friend did something amazing that you want to do too? We can help you personalize any ideas to your own style. We are crafty and full of ideas. We know where to find those special items, and we know how to bring it all together.

Styling a party is an art, and we are good at what we do. We love it when guests walk into a room and say “WOW!”. That is our goal. There are so many options and styles. When considering the decorations for your party, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Theme
  2. Venue
  3. budget


At WOW Party Planner we are all about themes. We have a graphic designer on our team, and she takes themes seriously. She will start with a gorgeous custom invitation and then make matching banners, table cards, signs, tags…you get the idea. The result is a seamless experience for your guests. They will be immersed in your theme right down to the finest details. Anything can be customized with a little inventive flair. We are experts at the details.

Some of our favourite (and trending) themes include:

  • Mermaid baby shower or birthday party
  • Casino Royale adult party (anniversary, milestone birthday)
  • Tea parties of any kind (great baby shower idea)
  • Vintage circus birthday party
  • Rustic chic backyard parties


Selecting a venue can be tricky. Decorating is one thing to keep in mind when choosing a venue. If the venue is known and is not flexible–such as your mother-in-law’s house, or the backyard–this will make a difference. In this case, decorating ideas might flow from the venue. If it must take place in a backyard, you may want to go with a BBQ theme, or a more rustic style. Or maybe outdoor string lights if it’s an evening event.

On the other hand you may have a theme already in mind and you are looking for the perfect venue to showcase it. In this case, the decor will help to choose the venue. If you want a western-themed baby shower, you might want to look for a chic rustic location. But if you are having a Casino Royale Anniversary party, and you want your guests to come in pearls and heels, the barn venue is definitely out!


Don’t think that because you have a budget you can’t have an amazing party. We are experts at creating WOW, and we know how to do it on a budget. Some things are of course more expensive than others, but we will always find a way to make your event special. We have lots of money-saving tips when it comes to decorations. Sometimes a few simple decor items can make all the difference in creating an attractive atmosphere. Like many things, the key is planning! We are here to help you create an amazing party on any budget.

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