The better the party, the bigger the mess! Let us help wash away the post-party blues by taking care of all the clean-up.

post party blues

Streamers, balloons, sticky fingerprints and dirty dishes…who wants to deal with that when you’ve just thrown the party of a lifetime? Not you! Let us take care of the cleanup.

If you are throwing a party in your own home, you will be ready to have your house back in order as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on efficiency. We know you want things in pre-party condition without delay. Our goal is to leave your space exactly as we found it…or better.

If your party is being held at an external venue, often take-down and cleanup needs to be completed extremely quickly to avoid being charged extra fees for keeping the venue tied up. Our team is fast and professional. If we put the decorations up, we are the best ones to take them down quickly and safely. It might be tempting to ask friends and family to help with this daunting task. In our experience, the risk of something getting broken or someone getting hurt is far greater when inexperienced hands are asked to help. And really, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could just relax after a fabulous party? Don’t spoil the magic by handing your Aunt Beverly a pair of rubber gloves!

Plan your special event
with a consultant

Our initial consultations are always free! The best way to get your party started is to meet with us. We want to hear all your ideas, and if you don’t have any don’t worry, because we have lots!