Delicious and lovingly crafted food can make or break your event. At WOW Party Planner, we know how to add a tasty flair to your event with our carefully crafted menus. We offer finger foods, platters, and scrumptious desserts that will keep your guests happy and satisfied.

Finger Foods

Finger foods are the perfect way to keep guests happy while they mingle. Easy to eat while standing, sitting, or even dancing, finger foods are a great addition to any party. Use them as an appetizer to a larger meal, or to keep guests happy for a shorter event that falls between meals.

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We offer platters that will keep your guests happily coming back for more! Meats, cheeses, olives and fruit paired with artisan breads and crackers are our favourites. Compared to finger foods, platters can provide your guests with a slightly more substantial snack. When paired with finger foods and desserts, platters can help keep your guests satisfied for hours.

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Bite-sized treats or full-sized desserts crafted by our gifted caterer are sure to please your guests. Often people allow themselves to indulge at a party, so we want to make sure that every bite is worth it! We use fresh ingredients and keep up on the latest taste trends. We also offer a wide range of beloved classics.

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